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29 November 2008 @ 12:20 pm

How in the world do you go about cutting songs off of your mixes? I've had this Kartik/Gemma mix that I've been working on/playing with off and on for around six months now and I feel like I have way too many songs on it. There are 14 to 15! I need to cut it down, but I feel so sad cutting certain songs because they just have that "feel." Haha. Still many of the songs just tend to somewhat repeat the same message.

It's driving me crazy, so I thought I should consult experts such as you people.
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24 August 2008 @ 03:21 am
Hey, so first post here!

I have just a couple of questions regarding art and the actual 'quality' of music used.

1. I've been working on a kind of black humour/cracky Supernatural mix that uses a while range of songs, from Pink Floyd to Rage Against the Machine, from Scissor Sisters to Massive Attack.

Now, pretty much all the fanmixes I've seen have used utterly gorgeous, but very non-mainstream, indie type songs. Do you reckon I'll get booed off the internet for using not-so-serious material?

2. So, with artwork, how much is too much? When I get into something like a fanmix, I fall totally in love with my miniature world and can end up making a 'sleeve' for pretty much each song. To me, this seems like self-indulgence and a generally annoying thing to actually post with the mix, but I have seen some people do it.

So what do you guys think, when it comes to artwork? Leave it at a cover, go all out, or just pick one or two favourites?

07 July 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Thanks for all your help, everyone! I posted my first fanmix last night!

...I went with the lyrics on the cover. But they're all covered up by song titles.
05 July 2008 @ 11:20 pm
So I'm making my first fanmix. Keep it under your hat since it's meant to be a secret until I reveal it on Monday.

Anyway, I'm having a hard time coming up with songs for it. I have seven (possibly eight, more on that later), but I'd like to have at least ten. So how do you all go about finding songs? Problem is that he has no canonical relationships. Of any sort--no known lovers, no known family, no known friends. The only time he ever interacts with anyone over the course of the movie is when someone he's accidently brought on board his ship screams at him, and he casually dismisses her and wanders off. And most of the songs out there, as you well know, are about relationships of some sort or another.

Character stuff, aka trolling for suggestionsCollapse )

What I meant earlier about possibly having one more song is that I found a song that would be a nice funny break in the depressing run, but I already have a song by that artist. What's the protocol on something like that? Is it considered all right to have more than one song by the same people?

Oh yeah, what are good hosts you all use? I'm going to post it for people all over the world (including a Saudi and some Australians and Brits, but mostly Americans), so it needs to be accessable by all. And I want to have each song for download as well as the full album.

What are your thoughts on instrumentals? I ask not for tone, but because all the other songs I have picked out I use key lyrics from them to make my points. There's an instrumental piece that would work nicely for him, but the problem is that much of it relies on knowing the character the piece is theme to.

And covers! Covers are a pain if you have no real skills. I've been making one in Paint Shop Pro, but it doesn't look very good...and once I finalize the track list, I have to make a *back* cover! But is it OK to put lyrics on the cover to a song that doesn't show up on the fanmix? Because this character has an "image song" (used on some anime soundtracks to show the characters' inner thoughts that aren't necessarily revealed in their appearences), so I put the lyrics to that on this...but would people think that misleading? I don't want to put that on because it's pretty much a given and everyone's heard it anyway.

Well, thank you all so much! I look forward to your replies!
04 July 2008 @ 12:47 am
For adinfinitum/myself/anyone else who wants to join us:

UM, WE WANTED TO TALK ABOUT MULDER AND SCULLY. And all the many many many multitudes of songs there are that fit them and the ways that they are!

So if you!:
a) have made a mix for them and wanted to talk about the songs you picked!
b) have made a mix for them but left some songs off of it you wish you hadn't had to because THEY'RE SO SO RIGHT
c) have never made a mix for them but have lots of songs in mind!
d) have never thought about making a mix for them (or even particularly wanted to) but have a song that is JUST BEYOND PERFECT FOR THEM
e) anything else that involves music and lyrics and the monster-hunting dream team

24 June 2008 @ 04:12 pm
Okay guys, time to breathe some life back into this thing! I come bearing mix-making questions because a) I'm working on three mixes that are going nowhere and trying not to die from frustration, and b) who am I kidding, I love talking about this stuff.

So! Questions:
1. How do you start your mixes? Do you hear a song and think "OHMYGOD, that is (insert pairing/character here) EXACTLY!" and go from there? Do you decide on a pairing/character and then start looking for songs? Something else entirely?

(I'm the person who stumbles onto a perfect song and then searches through my music folders to find songs to keep it company. But then sometimes I feel like I'm forcing the mix, which I hate, so then I give up on it for a while until I'm able to just listen to music without that pairing/character filter constantly working in my mind. Or sometimes I'll shift focus back to another pairing/character if I'm working on more than one at a time. I also have a Word file that is basically a list of individual songs that I've found that fit various characters or pairings, which I'll go back to if I feel like working on a mix but haven't recently discovered a good starting point.)

2. Cover art: At the end? As you choose songs? At the beginning, as inspiration for the mix itself (is this even possible? if you've done it I commend you)?

(Usually at the end, generally with a colour combination or main screencap or font already in mind. I never ever have the whole thing pictured in my mind beforehand, though. It's always a slow process. Sometimes I start the art while choosing songs, because it occasionally helps me figure out the tone/direction of the whole mix.)

3. Song order: Do your tracklists progress in any particular way (linearly, strictly for transitions between songs, etc.)?

(I've aaaalways stuck to a linear progression (based on chronology of events in the relationship itself, or on the story I want to tell through the mix), but I'm oh-so-intrigued by people who ignore plot entirely and focus on tone/flow. How do you even do that? I'm such a narrative-focused person!)

Answer one question, answer all of them, bring up something else entirely - I don't care!
16 March 2008 @ 01:22 pm
i have a question for battlestar galactica fans. i'm trying to make a sharon/helo mix... do you think "yoshimi battles the pink robots, part 1" is too on-the-nose?
06 February 2008 @ 10:24 am
If you are making a mix (or listening to a mix), how do you prefer that the songs be ordered?

Slow songs first, picking up pace to faster and more energetic songs?
Fast songs first, slowing down to more acoustic and relaxing songs?
Fast songs with a bit more mellow stuff in the middle, ending with fast songs?
Slow songs, with more upbeat tunes in the middle ending with slow songs?
Or slow and fast intermingled throughout?

I prefer the last because I feel like it can get boring otherwise, but I'm seriously no expert at these things and my music taste usually sucks so I don't really know what I think any more. What do you guys think?
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24 January 2008 @ 04:27 pm
So, this is not a meaty post about the true nature of mixmaking or anything fun/philosophical like that, it's... a question about posting etiquette. Sorry for being boring!

I'm working on a series of 9 EPs. They're a set, but they're not. I'm trying my hardest to make them distinct but... unified? They mesh, but they stand alone.

My question is, how, exactly, do I go about posting them? Do throw all nine of them into one gigantor post? Posting them separately seems... spammy? Do I split them into threes? I am driving myself up walls trying to figure this out!
10 January 2008 @ 08:02 pm

i just got bitten by the fanmix bug a couple weeks ago, and i'm so excited that i know i'm just going to want to talk and talk and talk about my mixes (and because i'm totally agonizing over them like i do with everything fandom-related).

and i know i'm going to need help, too, because the first and only fanmix i ever made in my life was THREE YEARS AGO, and i don't think it's even held up that well because i like haven't listened to it since (of course, that could be because i've abandoned the fandom i made it for too). but now i feel like i'm already getting so overloaded in my excitement; i seriously have FIVE playlists in the works right now (and two of them i'm thinking i might even split into two mixes each, so then i'd have SEVEN). i just keep being struck by songs that i'm listening to randomly, and i'm like, "oh this would be great for this 'ship" and "this one would be great for that 'ship," so i just keep making more playlists. but my problem is that i can't seem to find more than like six songs for each of them (and one of them only actually has one two so far, it's so sad [just this second i actually found another song, haha]).

so what do you think i should do? should i pick one mix to focus on exclusively right now and try to find songs for just that one? or should i just keep listening to random music and picking out whatever songs strike me until i eventually have enough? i mean, i don't want to force my mixes, but i also don't want to be weighed down with a bunch of them and have them taking for fucking ever to come together.

i am starting to listen to a lot of music that i've had on discs for a while but never really listened to, though, which i think might help me with song selection now because i don't have to fight with any previous connotations they might have for me like with songs that i've heard a hundred times before.

so come on, seriously, let's get this comm going! it's a new year!